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Led extension boards for Arduino and PoKeys, can be used with ProSim configuration Also suitable for other microprocessors PoKeys cards can drive led's directly through digital output ports. However doing so you are limited to driving the led with 4 mA and a maximum of 100 mA in total. You will not have much led light if you only run 4 mA through the led, except when you buy special leds. Normally you need something around 15 to 20 mA to give the led a normal brightness. Arduino there is also a limit on how much current you can draw through an Arduino board. This led extension board is specifically designed for use with PoKeys or other MicroControllers. It can not only drive led’s but you can also run any other device that needs more current. Each output can handle about 300 mA per port and if needed you can parallel the output ports. This board has 24 outputs and can drive multiple led's per output for a maximum of 300 mA per port. The size of this board = 68 mm x 34 mm Board is completely finished and ready to use, no extra software is needed. Simply connect and use. Power supply is 5 Volt.
How to connect a led extension board
How to identify led connections
Compatible with ProSim 737 and 320 Arduino, Pokeys and other MicroControllers
How to connect a Led extension board “Common Anode” Style
Led’s in common cathode style
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Please follow the markings on the board
Please follow the markings on the board
Arduino or Pokeys is possible
Arduino or Pokeys is possible
Regarding led extension board and PoKeys auto config via ProSim: PoKeys input/output ports are normally configured by ProSim based on the assignments of the ports to I/O elements. With PoKeys cards, when a port is not configured, it cannot be used as an output port, the indicator auto configure system in ProSim will not work. To make it work, you'll have to configure the ports you want to use as outputs with the Pokeys configuration software as “output”. This should make the indicator auto config system work.
How to connect a Led extension board “Common Cathode” Style