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General info 7-segment displays are used a lot in simulators. For example, radios, altimeters, autopilots and a lot of other information can be displayed on them. An example with five digits is shown on the right side. These are actually 7 LEDs, and when lighted in combination, they will show a number on the display. To get them working, you will need a specific driver for the kind of displays you have and specific for the simulator software you are using to build your sim. So before buying them, you should inform which drivers are needed to work with your sim software. Types of 7 segment displays I only handle the LED types, not the LCD and OLED screens. 7-segment displays are sold in different colors and different sizes. The ones we are showing here are common cathode types, and the color is amber. The available colors are red, blue, white, green, orange, and amber. The same is available as a common anode. A different type of connection requires a different type of driver and connection. Driver types Max7219 this is a complex-integrated circuit that drives eight digits from one IC. It has current control and can even be dimmed via PWM. Again, you need to check if your SIM software can talk to these. Serial types they use integrated circuits which are named shift registers. Data is shifted through the displays and when all data is available the displays becomes active. This goes extremely fast you will not notice that the digits are shifted. They usually need several ICs to drive multiple digits. The ones I made for use with ProSim and which I called MicroDrivers are from the serial type.