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Modification of a ACE desktop 737 yoke published december 1th, 2020 Quite recently I acquired a second hand ACE desktop yoke type 737. This yoke has a few problems which I intend to fix and furthermore I will also replace the controller with a new joystick controller. Also the yoke does not turn 90 degrees in roll and makes a lot of noise when moving and it appears that the spring are responsable for a lot of noise during movements. It moves nicely in roll, but pitch is far from good, don’t know yet what I can do about that. Furthermore the “Autopilot disconnect” switch has problems to. So quite some work to do at this yoke. One more improvement will be a new clipboard on the yoke
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On the positive side the yoke itself is made of aluminium and feels heavy. I cannot compare to the real one because I never had one, but it feels good and has a nice black paint.
Partslist and stl files and design files are available on my
Part 2, replace the joystick controller Part 3, a new yoke clipboard