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Repair and modification of a Agronn 737 yoke column published novembre 1th, 2020 I accepted to take a look at a malfunctioning Agronn yoke. The problem was continuously disconnecting from the PC. When opening the case it revealed a very bad soldered microcontroller board. This board, custom made by Agronn, acts as a joystick controller and is connected to the switches on the yoke and the pitch and roll via hall sensors. The board is small and populated with SMD components. A closer look reveals that all these components were hand soldered and the components do not align properly on the pads, some are not even flat on the board. Further tests show that it has bad contacts. Trying to solder first did not give good results because you cannot access all solder points easely.
By taken it apart it showed that the hall sensor for pitch was mounted to deep and touched the part that carried the 2 magnets. The part with the magnets did’nt turned free, so this was something I also had to trace into. This faulty part was responsible for not being able to keep the plane level with handflying. Because the client did not trust this anymore I proposed to replace the faulty board with a more conventional joystick board like Leo Bodnar. I have taken some picture during the repair and dismantling of the control column. It is mostly made of solid iron and aluminium.
Take a look at the pictures and you will see clearly that not all the parts were manufactured to the same quality level as it should be. Certainly not the controller board and also not the structure that holds the hall sensor and toother gear for control of the pitch. Also the blue led is swimming loose in the body, without any attachment was something we had to fixate this as well. After replacing and fixing most parts the tests revealed a better working yoke, which was the purpose of these repair/modifications.
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