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Using Arduino with Air Manager Drive an RPM gauge for B58 or C172 with ULN driver and stepper motor Below you find a video of a stepper motor example with ULN driver that controls a RPM gauge. The script was made to work with B58 but of course it can be used with other planes as well. The stepper is connected via the driver to 4 digital ports on the arduino. The calibration switch is connected directly to a port on Arduino. The date comes from XPlane via AirManager, the script does not take more than a few lines. Need more info, feel free to ask
Driver connections Stepper motor plugged into white connector IN1 goes to Arduino port 2 IN3 goes to Arduino port 3 IN2 goes to Arduino port 4 IN4 goes to Arduino port 5
Calibration switch Goes to Arduino port 7 and GND Can be replaced by a photo sensor to handle calibration automatically
Arduino 5 Volt DC power supply 1 Driver Stepper Calibration switch
How to use the sensor as a calibration tool For calibration the best is to use a photo sensor That is simply a IR led that shines on a photo sensor (transistor) In Air Manager add the following code to test… function input_change(state) print("state = " .. tostring(state)) end input = hw_input_add("ZeroStop", input_change) Blocking the light from the LED will trigger a state changed and you will see that in Air Manager
Dial plate Pointer needle Stepper motor Connect to Arduino Photo sensor below the dial plate
How to do it practically with an instrument and behind the dial plate
Practical information