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Using 7-segment MicroDrivers with Arduino Need more info, feel free to mail me This page describes how to use our MicroDrivers 7 segment drivers with Arduino. Sample sketches and manual. MicroDrivers are 7 segment display drivers with or without attached displays up to 8 digits. More info here MicroDrivers
Suited for up to 8 displays with manually wired digits
Suited for 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 digits with display attached.
MicroDrivers are 7 segment display drivers, they do not take much place and you do not need to do complex wiring. Besides 5 volt power supply you just need to connect 4 wires to the Arduino board. You can use Arduino Mega, Uno, Leonardo If you do not want to experiment yourself… in that case we offer pre programmed Arduino’s to make it plug and play for you, see this page. Use MicroDrivers, find below sketch and documentation for use via and COM PORT You can download the Arduino sketch here If you need the manual that explaines everything inside the sketch download here MicroDrivers for use with Air Manager, suited for FSX, P3D and XPlane When using the files below you will be able to connect via Air Manager to show COM, COM Stby, NAV, NAV Stby and ADF frequencies on the MicroDrivers Manual with all the installation details here Download the Arduino sketch to connect to AirManager here You can download the LUA script for Air Manager and test file here If you need the manual that explaines everything inside the sketch download here The download link is missing in the installation manual, download can be found here
MicroDriver for 5, 6,7 or 8 digits with orange/amber, green or red displays,
Connection cable, price VAT incl. 2,95 euro cable exist of 1x 6 wires with plug (4 wires connection to Arduino or PoKeys and 2 wires power supply)
Specify digits
Also available with orange/amber, green and red displays
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