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ARDUINO® DIGITAL SERVO WITH CONTINUOUS ROTATION (360°) This servo overcomes the limited amount of travel most servo have. You can change the direction of rotation by changing the pulse width. Description: - PWM; - torque: 5 V (3.30; - weight: 44 g; - dimensions (L x W x H): 42 x 20.5 x 39.5 mm; - rotation: 360°; - connector type: TinkerKit
4 Channel relais modules use these to switch high power devices that you cannot switch directly from a controller port.
4 Channel relays module with optocoupler protection suited for Arduino or Pokeys or other MicroControllers. You can connect this relay board directly to a Arduino or Pokeys card No resistors required for Pokeys cards. Current to activate: 2 mA. Voltage: 5 - 12 VDC. Switch contacts: 250 VAC 10 A 30 VDC 10 A Can be controlled directly by means of a microcontroller suited for Arduino, Pokeys and others Status leds show activation.
Stepper motor with ULN driver to make simple gauges
A small stepper motor with ULN2003 driver baord. A small and multi purpose stepper motor with driver board. The driver board suits the 5VDC stepper motor. 4 leds anunciate the status of the motor Power 5 VDC Steps : 64 Controller: ULN2003 Diameter motor: 28 mm Reduction: 1:64 Number of fases: 4 Dimensions: 35 x 32 x 10 mm
Continuous rotation servo to make simple gauges
Mini analog servo 9g
Analog mini servo - 9g Dimensions 21,5 x 12 x 22,7 mm Power: 4,8 to 6 VDC Weight: 9 gram Speed: 0.09 s for 60° with 6 Volt Torque: 1,4 kg-cm by 6 Vpmt Connections: 3 wires brown = earth Red = + Orange = signal
Dual concentric encoders Used to change radio frequencies, autopilot functions
Dual concentric ALPS encoder with momentary button on the inner axis. More info here
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