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How to tune NAV radio through FSUIPC with PoKeys and encoders Let me show you a way of tuning your NAV 1 radio in FSX together with PoKeys 57 and encoders. The idea is to configure some encoders in PoKeys, assign a keyboard shortcut and configure these in FSUIPC to change the frequency of NAV 1 radio. Connect an encoder to PoKeys, let's say port 13 and port 15. You could also use 13 and 14 or whatever port you like to use. Connect the middle pin to GND and each of the other 2 to 2 PoKeys ports. Connect the card to your pc and start the PoKeys setup program. Below you can see the configuration I made. I skipped port 14 so that the text is more clearly readable. -Set port 13 to "Digital input" and check "Encoder", click on "Channel A" and check "Sampling 2x". -Next click on "Direct key mapping". -Take any key in the "Key down" combo box, but remember which one as we later need it in FSUIPC. I have checked "Shift" and "Ctrl". So in FSUIPC we connect this to "Ctrl + Shift + 1". -Press send to device and start configuring the second port. -In "Key down" choose 2, check "Ctrl" and "Shift" -Press "send to device" and disconnect the PoKeys and connect the card to your flight simulator pc.
Next it is time to start FSX or FS9 with FSUIPC. -Open FSUIPC and select the "Key Presses" tab -Press the "Set" button and on the keyboard press the buttons you assigned in PoKeys for the first port. In our case it is "Ctrl + Shift + 1". You should see this now in the grey window. -Next open the combo box below the "Set"-button and select "Nav1 Radio Whole Dec". This will decrease the whole numbers of the Nav 1 radio. -Press OK -Do the same thing for the following port we configured in PoKeys. But now we used "Ctrl + Shift + 2". -Next again open the combo box below the "Set"-button and select "Nav1 Radio Whole Inc". This will increase the whole numbers of the Nav 1 radio. -Press OK and do the test.