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Configure PoKeys to start a program on your PC. Let me show you how to start a program on the PC by pushing a button connected to PoKeys 57. This only works with the USB version. Locate the shortcut in windows to start the program. This can be any program: Flight Simulator, Text editor, SIOC… Right click with the mouse on the shortcut and choose "Properties". In the screen that now pops up, put the cursor in the shortcut edit box. Now tap the keys you want to use on the keyboard. You should see something like CTRL + A or F5 depending on which keys you pressed. I'm going to use F5 in my example. Press OK to close this screen. Now open the PoKeys configuration screen and select the port where the push button is connected to. Define this port as digital input and under "Key mapping", check "Direct key mapping" and choose from the list F5. Whatever key you are going to use make sure it is the same key as you defined on the program shortcut. Press "Send to device" and you are ready. Now activate the push button and see the windows program pop up. Easy isn't it. You can use this technique to start no matter which program on your pc by pushing a button in your cockpit simulator.