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How to configure with ProSim Connect both MicroDrivers to the same Pokeys card, Ethernet or USB. Connect the 6 digits to the ports 9,10 and 11. The 7 digits to the other ports. Please use connection details in this document Download MicroDriverConnection.pdf When connected open the “Combined Config” screen in ProSim and in the search field type IRS, next scroll to the LCD option and select Pokeys card and 7 segment boards. Press OK to close this screen. Move the IRS switch to PPOS to check the correct working
How to connect with Arduino Full explanation here
MICRO DRIVER for IRS displays with 7-segment displays smart design, the smallest ever and very easy to use, no difficult wiring or soldering, only 4 wires to connect and get it working. These drivers are made to be connected to Pokeys cards or Arduino’s. Digits are orange/amber colored but you can also have red or green displays. These displays have the correct size of digits. Supported by ProSim 737, Can be used with Arduino and Pokeys Support for FSX, P3D and XPlane via Arduino and AirManager The complete set comes with 2x MicroDrivers with 1x 7 and 1x 6 digits displays and 2 cable sets to connect to the Arduino or Pokeys. N, S, E displayed correctly W displays as U
Other info that you might be interested in How to connect a MicroDriver pdf download How to test the MicroDriver pdf download MicroDrivers dimensions and installation pdf download View connection details about the used displays Build a working radio in 2 minutes for ProSim 737 and 320 Xplane plugin - direct connection from Arduino Standard planes and Zybo738