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Max7219 Maxim integrated circuit for 7 segment displays These are all new boards based on the popular MAX7219 displays. I have made them the same size as my previous MicroDriver boards, so both drivers can use the same-digit boards. Digit boards are available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 digits in colors orange/amber, green, red and white. Currently testing the first boards and they show a very stable display. They only need 3 ports on the microcontroller and can be connected serially up to 4 boards with AirManager. With Mobiflight it is possible to serially connect up to 8 boards. I have not included the diode and redesigned the boards. so the voltage on the last board will be the same as on the first one. Also included on the board are decoupling capacitors for a stable display and making it easy for you. Using these boards you don’t need extra components.
Use these drivers with… both programs mentioned below are capable of connecting to almost all the simulators available on the market. There are also others but these are the most important ones. Air Manager These MAX drivers are also easy to use in Air Manager from with standard available functions. For every display in the cockpit, they are suitable. There are a lots of examples available or complete cockpit displays that you can use for free. It is easy like “My display is connected to Arduino on COM4 and it is connected to pins” (your choice), and start using it. Mobiflight You can use these MAX drivers with software like Mobiflight and Air Manager. By using Mobiflight you can do so by creating a new 7-segment device and configuring it by using the different choices the software presents to you. Some disadvantage of Mobiflight is the number of bugs that are inherent in new software and development by the community. Advantage is that it is free of charge, available to everyone. XPL/Pro (only for XPlane) Available via It is an Arduino based library that connects directly to X Plane via a plugin. There are a lot of examples of how to use it, you need however be knowledgeable with Arduino programming language.
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