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Why Choose Us? We offer you a good service if one of our products fail. We will help you out if you do not know how to use our products. We will advice you, so that you can use the correct products. We will sent out fast and inform you of shipment. We deliver to customers all over the world.
Querit bv, FlightsimpartsEU stopped trading. Thank you to all of you for a wonderfull experience. I will continue to update this website with news, articles, and demos. If you have questions, you can still reach me via I intend to develop more scripts and hardware to support the FlightSim community. Therefore I’ll turn this website into information pages where I’ll share the ins and outs on how to interface real-world flight simulator parts to the virtual world of flight simulation. How to connect switches, LEDs, encoders, etc. How to handle microcontrollers such as Pokeys, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc., or direct data requests to X Plane. All this will help you to make better use of the FLightSim software be it ProSim, Mobiflight or Air Manager P3D, FSX, FS2020. Coming up are scripts, connection diagrams and complete tutorials that will give you an easy start in the world of flight simulation.
Now working on… New MAX7219 7 segment drivers to replace the faulty chinese ones. See this page, still new pages to come Do you have flight simulator stuff that does not work, or does not correctly work Feel free to contact me and I’ll take a look and see if I can help you out. Also How to use a Led extension board Modification of a ACE desktop 737 yoke The repair and modification of an Agronn 737 yoke
This website is under redesign not all pages have been updated.